EPISODE FIVE – The Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Show

What an incredible week we’ve had. Starting off with a lunch and riverboat cruise at JC Santos’ WildExodus glamping campground in Timmins, Ontario, we show our faithful audience how to behave appropriately in these types of highly glamourous situations. We also visited the Shania Twain Centre/Gold Mine Tour and made light of drilling, before heading to the Chapleau Game Preserve for some R&R in the back forty.

In the second half of our week, we met up with Roger Parsons from Motorcycle Mojo and rode with him down the shore of Lake Superior to Highway 129, one of the great riding roads in the province. Roger is also a inveterate joker and fit right in with our witty repartee (read: silly jokes). Join us for more adventures in the wilds of Northern Ontario!

For more information on motorcycle routes, accommodations, attractions and restaurants in Algoma Country check out www.RideAlgoma.ca

Day 8 Video Update – Voyageur Point in Mattawa, Ontario

We left Mattawa after two days at Sid Turcotte’s Camp and headed out on our tour of the Temiskaming Loop! www.RideTheNorth.com has all the details on this motorcycle tour.

A Quick Post About Batchawana Bay, By Friend, Jack Criger

If you are like me, you wouldn’t drive all day to find someplace to relax and get away from it all. There are lots of places a lot closer: why would I go that far?
So I wasn’t surprised to find that Batchawana Bay is the perfect spot for a little R & R; I was just surprised that I went there.

Picture a row of empty lawn chairs, lined up in a row near the edge of a rocky cliff, with a view of empty islands and miles of empty Lake Superior. No jet skis in sight, no off-road vehicles to be heard, and no street cars rumbling by. An empty volleyball court to the left and a lonely shuffleboard court behind, but not close enough to prompt movement out of this deep lounge chair. The longer I sit here, the deeper the chair seems. And it’s a good thing I brought something to read, and to drink. I won’t have to get up until hunger sets in.

When that happens, head for the dining room at the Salzburger Hof for some great and genuine European cuisine. I had the Schnitzel, but everything on everyone else’s plate looked as good. It was easy to work up a big appetite, doing nothing for hours, and I promised myself I’d work it off tomorrow. Meantime, I headed for my quaint retreat in the Lake Shore’s homey accommodations. And slept like never before.

-Jack Criger

This Is A Pretty Slick Piece Done On Riding In Ontario


This is a pretty slick piece done on riding in Ontario. I’ve done some of these roads!