Day 8 Video Update – Voyageur Point in Mattawa, Ontario

We left Mattawa after two days at Sid Turcotte’s Camp and headed out on our tour of the Temiskaming Loop! has all the details on this motorcycle tour.

UNORT Video Update Day 1 – The Adventure Begins

First video update of UNORT 2012. It rained on us all morning, then it got worse. Then we decided just to go. Then it rained harder, the highway filled with cars and ground to a halt. Then gale force winds nearly blew Mike off his bike. Then we got separated, and texted each other. Then we got to the Big Apple, and went down to Highway 2, and even though it still rained on us, away from the 401 was pure bliss.

Day 40! Final MJ unort video update. Goodbye, and thank you.

Day 40! Final MJ unort video update. Goodbye, and thank you.

Highway 672 from a few weeks ago. Eerie landscape.

Ed Tries Being A Sidecar Monkey

Ed tries being a sidecar monkey



(sorry for the bad sound at the start, it gets better quickly)

(i mean, come on, we’re recording these on the fly, I think it’s pretty good considering)

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

This Road Was Way Too Much Fun. Scroll Down For The Video, Make Sure You Watch It In HD. Check The Deer At 0:20!

MJ Non-Video Update Day 21

Hello, and welcome to The Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip, day 21. We’re in a parking lot in New Liskeard, feverishly trying to catch up with mountains of accumulated work from the past 20 days.

We spent last evening with Dustin Woods and Lorraine Sommerfeld and had a ribald old time in the tent. Hence the late non-video update. In less than an hour we will be heading out to view the 12km long line of riders in the Terry Phippen Memorial Ride.

Tomorrow we return our focus to riding and enjoying nature. The Bikers Reunion has been a blast, but we’re eager to get into the trees again.

Join us.

(sound of scratchy microphone, click of camera being shut off)

This Is What I Do With My Days. You Should Too.


This is what I do with my days. You should too. (this is the failed video update from a few days ago, re-uploaded with proper resolution.)

Awesome Road Trip Music.

Awesome road trip music.