Day 24 – Off the grid

nice rack

This morning the gang picked me up at the Timmins airport at 9:30am, and we started our journey west along highway 101 … View Post

Day 23 – Hearsay & heresy

cn tower

The rest of the crew was hanging out in Timmins while I flew to Toronto for 36 hours to attend my Grandma's 97th … View Post

Day 22 – Well fed

chris and marie

Chris from Wild Exodus and Marie of Post 392 So much food today. After our epic excursion to Moosonee, we were all … View Post

Day 21 – Voyage to salt water

james bay!

Today we woke up early in our cozy quilt-covered beds in our four private rooms in the upstairs of the Moose River … View Post

Day 20 – Back in time


The end of the road is an interesting place to arrive at. Especially when it holds the kind of mystery that Moosonee … View Post

Day 19 – Some pretty big deals


Today, it was all about the animal kingdom. The Very Large Animal kingdom. In the south of Ontario, the biggest … View Post

Day 18 – Mapped by quilt

Polaroid 18

On the roads of the little clay belt, along highways 560, 65, and 11, we've been noticing colourful decorations on the … View Post

Day 17 – Cows cows cows

polaroid 17

I just want to say, that if you are ever in the Elk Lake area on Mother's Day or Father's Day, please go straight to the … View Post

Day 16 – Where are the internets when you need them

Polaroid 16-a

Sooooooo. We started the day like normal people waking up on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in a provincial park … View Post

Day 15 – Man down

Polaroid 15

Mike, Bogdan and Jamie spent the day in Sudbury running around collecting all the parts and pieces to try and get … View Post

Day 14 – Lost in time

We intended to leave Killarney early and spend the day in Sudbury doing the final edits and uploading Episode 2 of the … View Post

Day 13 – On the water

polaroid 13

For an office day, we sure spent a lot of time on or near the water. I guess that's just how it is with Killarney--if … View Post