Day 14 – Lost in time


We intended to leave Killarney early and spend the day in Sudbury doing the final edits and uploading Episode 2 of the Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Show, but like the lady said, there’s something ‘Hotel California’-y about Killarney–and especially the Killarney Mountain Lodge. Time has stopped here–but in a very very good way.

Waking up to the sun filtering through the trees outside the wall of windows in our pine-paneled individual lodge rooms, fluffy duvets pulled up to our chins, we all decided we wanted to stay in that paradise for as long as we could. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes (not too dry, not too grainy, not too chewy, but juuuust right!) stuffed with wild Killarney blueberries, and eggs benedict, Mike and Bogdan headed off to interview owner Maury East. Maury and his wife Annabelle are celebrating 50 years at the Lodge this July, and they’ve seen a lot of changes in their time, most notably the road down to Killarney from highway 69, and the provincial park. But the Lodge stays the same–a beautiful place to relax and experience the joys of Killarney from the poolside or on an outdoor excursion to the wilder side.

We set up office in the gorgeous Carousel Bar, built in 1958, and still with its original furniture–albeit reupholstered. It’s like stepping back in time to a Vogue photoshoot from the early 60s. With 360 degree views of the channel and the swimming pool, it was almost like we were outside all day.

We wrapped up in the late afternoon and headed back to Sudbury, where we dined under the trees in a friend’s backyard. We also welcomed a couple of surprise guests who will be joining us on our travels this weekend–Jamie Dallaire from Northeastern Ontario, and Kelly Bonnell from Sudbury Tourism.

Tonight–Camping at Halfway Lake provincial park!

Photo by Alexandra Sawicki

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