Day 23 – Hearsay & heresy

The rest of the crew was hanging out in Timmins while I flew to Toronto for 36 hours to attend my Grandma’s 97th birthday party, so all I know about what happened today is what they tell me.

After breakfasting with fellow motorcycle traveller¬†Chris Hughes, the UNORT visited the Timmins Gold Mine for a tour of the mine and a lesson in panning for gold. Apparently Bogdan rendered the tour guide speechless when he asked, with a straight face and his typical earnest expression, “but why it is they would build the CN Tower inside the mine?” (The guide was explaining that the sculpture in the photo illustrates how deep the mine is — it stretches upward three times as big as the Tower outside of the photograph — relative to the CN Tower. (This was a much funnier story when I heard it)).

Then everyone made a pilgrimage next door to a place of great cultural significance in Timmins, the Shania Twain Centre, where they checked out some of Shania’s memorabilia. (I heard that Mike may have allegedly become greatly moved when reciting the lyrics to the song “It Don’t Impress Me Much”. But don’t quote me on that.)

While I was singing happy birthday to my grandma and eating carrot cake with my family in Toronto, the crew in Timmins was enjoying chicken Cordon Bleu and apple pie for dinner at Jamie‘s, and then they had a big fun sleepover without me.

Tomorrow — Riding highway 101 to Chapleau, and a visit deep into the bush of the Chapleau Big Game Preserve!

Photo by Alexandra Sawicki


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