Day 15 – Man down

Mike, Bogdan and Jamie spent the day in Sudbury running around collecting all the parts and pieces to try and get everything back into fighting shape: an oil filter and oil for the Yamaha and a new hose and regulator for the propane tank, and they fixed the Chevy’s gas leak. Alexe and I got some work done in a coffee shop in the morning then stocked up at the grocery store for our barbecue with Jamie and Kelly at Halfway Lake. We picked them up at the Sudbury Tourism office–and crashed Kelly’s co-worker’s baby shower in the process (thanks for the cupcakes!)–then headed up the 144 to our campsite at Halfway Lake Provincial Park.

While the rest of us set up the tent-trailer, Mike attempted to¬†resuscitate his old friend with an oil change and a new oil filter in the bed of the pick-up truck. We all gathered around with fingers crossed and our hearts in our throats as he pressed the starter… and pressed it again. Leaned on the kick-starter as hard as he could.

She didn’t turn over. She barely even coughed.

We said goodbye.

Then we went swimming. With ice cream and a couple of beers.









Tomorrow–to the Elk Lake Eco Centre! We’ll be visiting local farms where they source the food used in the Eco Centre kitchens. And hopefully we’ll be eating some of that food too.

Photos by Alexandra Sawicki



  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry. What will happen now?

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