Day 50 – Hayballs and Cloudbales

There’s always a day (or several) during your stay on Manitoulin where you do absolutely nothing and absolutely love it.

Mike and Bogdan went out with some Island cronies for an afternoon of off-roading around Lake Kagawong, leaving Alexe and I alone at the campground. We debated hiking the stunning Cup and Saucer trail — up the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment to a spectacular view of the North Channel and the Island — which in retrospect perhaps we should have chosen, but opted instead for a dazy laze around the dock at MCC. I love that dock like no other. It’s gone through a few facelifts since I first jumped off its weathered boards into the always warm waves of Lake Mindemoya — in a lifejacket with a crotch strap, aged almost five — but when I unfold my old bones down on the grey boards by the big rocks and close my eyes against the sun, it feels exactly the same. There is still no place I’d rather be on a sunny summer afternoon.

After a few rounds of swim, sun-dry, swim, sun-dry other side, swim, sun-dry on the floating dock, swim, sun-dry other side, etc., I moseyed on back up to the trailer, slapped the steaks in a marinade, and took Alexe out for an ice cream at Three Boys & a Girl in Mindemoya. We ate our cones on the sweet little mini-beach pull-off at the junction of Ketchankookem Trail and the turnoff from highway 551, and headed back to MCC to await the triumphant return of Jamie, Kelly and Pete to our little road trip crew.

We barbecued up a storm on the MCC cookout patio, where there is always an incredible view of an incredible sunset over the lake to accompany the meal. At dusk we took our party indoors to laze around Pete’s rented trailer — guys, orange shag carpet! Like stepping back in time. So amazing — and spun yarns of our adventures well into the night. It’s so nice to have friends.

Tomorrow — Ride Manitoulin!

Photo by Alexandra Sawicki


  1. It feels like I’m there! Looking forward to it!

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