Pete Jacobs – The Old Guy With The Biggest Bike.

I’m Pete (a.k.a. Bandit according to James), the older half of the Jacobs twosome on this Ultimate trip.  I’m here mainly because my motorcycle is newer and bigger! And I own a GPS (though it un-coordinates me <GPS joke> from time-to-time). I also do a lot of the back-of-the-house stuff like research, bookkeeping… blah, blah, blah.

Who knew?  Who knew I would be riding a motorcycle around Ontario for 40-days?  Certainly not me when I first threw a leg over an 80cc Suzuki 2-stroke at age 16 (1966).  Wasn’t even the germ of a dream.  Don’t even think I knew of a world beyond my native Montreal.  So, 45 years and seven eight nine motorcycles later I am off on a great adventure, testing the limits of my machine, my stamina and my sanity.

And the really cool part?  Doin’ it all with my (brilliant) firstborn…with all the “learnings” involved in that.  And my wife let me go.

– Peter