The Vehicles

For a road trip of this magnitude the vehicles are almost as important as the people. We’ve chosen four that suit our mission to a T.

Big Red

Our Road Trip Truck

Our main support vehicle and workhorse is a 1979 Chevrolet CK.

It’s a full-time 4×4 3/4 ton base model pickup in a dark red. Mike sourced this off Kijiji.

After a few minor repairs the vehicle was given a clean bill of health for the 10,000km it’s intended to travel this summer, towing our tent trailer, and serving as a shooting vehicle for our photo and video crew.

We’re hoping to pick up a dirt bike along the way, and store it in the bed.

truck bikes and trailer

The Hornet

The Hornet

Mike’s brand-new 2012 BMW F650GS in it’s striking yellow has been nick-named the Hornet by the crew.

The first new vehicle to ever grace the UNORT team, a lot is expected of this little demon.

The GS stands for Gelund-Strass, which roughly translates to Wilderness-Street.

We’ve got a few dirt trails and gravel roads planned for the trip, so we’ll be putting this Yellow Jacket through the paces!


Our 1977 Yamaha XS750 Triple, with shaft drive and dual front disc brakes is the original UNORT bike. Covering over 7500km last year, this plucky little vintage bike is back again, and will be the first time bike for the newly initiated motorcyclists in the crew (i.e. everyone but Mike.)

The Pop-Top

This year we elected to go with something a little simpler than a full-blown RV. This 1995 Coleman Fleetwood was, in it’s day, the top of the line pop top camper. And the gentleman who sold it to us took such good care of it that we know it will take good care of us. So will the three beds (King, Queen and Double), indoor and outdoor cooking range, and propane/electric fridge on the nights when we need to camp out!

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