Day 43 – Life after Pickle Lake

Photo taken from the balcony outside our rooms.

After the extremely long and incredibly hot trip back from Pickle Lake, all anyone wanted to do was jump in the lake. We headed to the deliciously retro Lone Pine Motel in Ignace, which feels like your grandma’s cottage and smells like fresh laundry and the outdoors, with matching knotty pine furniture, chenille bedspreads, and a gorgeous view of all the little islands in Agimac Lake.

A brief but amazing afternoon rain shower cooled everything down and cleared the sky just enough for a beautiful sunset over the glassy water.

Tomorrow – back to Thunder Bay for an awesome afternoon sail with Captain Greg Heroux and Sail Superior!

Photo of me by Alexandra Sawicki 


  1. Love this photo! Looks like the water was very refreshing. Reminiscent of a postcard photo. Beautiful.

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