Day 39 – Go west, young man

Today, we drove as far west as you can in Ontario, on a road. We started the day at lovely Caliper Lake provincial park, and headed up through Sioux Narrows and all the little bays and fishing lodges of Lake of the Woods, to Kenora, a city of neverending water.

It’s such a nice old town, with a sweet main drag and tons of outdoor outfitters to get you out in the wilds. There’s a lot of history to be proud of here too, from the days of old Rat Portage, and the Kenora Thistles taking home the 1907 Stanley Cup! The unofficial mascot of the town, Huskie the Muskie, holds court in the guise of a huge sculpture on the shores of the lake.

To get into the spirit of Kenora’s watersport activity, Mike learned a thing or two about paddling, and the bottom of the river, from Scott at Green Adventures.

After sweating out the heat of the afternoon swimming at Anicinabe Campground, we headed out into the sunset for a mad dash to Manitoba. They don’t call this Sunset Country for nothing! It was a gorgeous drive.

After a quick photoshoot at the border, we made our way back downtown and slunk into the cool movie theatre half an hour late for Spiderman – there’s something about going to the movies on a road trip that feels so decadent.

Tomorrow — When in Rome… going fishing for Muskie!

Photo by Alexandra Sawicki

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