Day 28 – Back roads and beaches

After being on the go for pretty much a month straight, today we decided was a well-earned day of rest and relaxation. After bidding adieu to Mike and Roger as they headed off for Biker’s Reunion in New Liskeard, and a leisurely breakfast at the trailer, we piled in the pick-up truck with a picnic lunch in the back and set off to see what we could see of this lovely little island tucked away in the North Channel.

Our first stop was the town of Richard’s Landing, where Alexe and I spent quite a long time in the knick-knack laden Calico Hen, inspecting old needlepoint patterns, vintage china sets, used books and knitting supplies. We spent just as long in Moose Sweats while Bogdan checked out the old jail. After exhausting the commercial joys of the town we headed off to have lunch and a swim at the local beach, saddened that the ice cream store was closed.

St Joseph Island is a great place to while away a summer’s day. The Kentvale General Store – established in 1888! and still going strong – has something for everyone and is a fun place to get lost. Bogdan set himself up with a whole fishing rig, while I found my annual summer straw hat and Alexe delighted herself with a pile of crazy old vintage greeting cards. We were too early in the season for the old school and history house, but we made it to the St Joseph Island Museum Village with an hour before it closed. It seems like every historical building that was still standing on the island was brought to one location, and outfitted with an amazing array of pioneer tools and beautiful antique homewares. The original Kentvale General Store building is set up with authentic period dry goods and supplies, and the old Sailor’s Encampment schoolhouse makes you feel like you’re just about the get your knuckles rapped for misbehaving. If you’re interested in any kind of antique implement, you’ll find it here — from hearses to dictaphones to trailers to maps to old lace and irons to the bill of sale for the island from the Chippewa to the English Crown. There’s even a “motorcycle only” parking area out front!

We spied several more gorgeous swimming spots on our way home through the tree-lined backroads — and several mama and baby deer just chilling on the fields, in the gullies and even on the roads!

We couldn’t have asked for a better place to enjoy a mini-vacation.

Tomorrow — exploring Sault Ste Marie!

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Photo by Alexandra Sawicki


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