Day 25 – Everything but the kitchen sink

We woke up to bird calls and the sun streaming through the windows of the log cabin in the middle of nowhere, right on the edge of the Chapleau Game Preserve. It’s not often on this trip that we go far enough away from paved roads that we’re out of earshot and sight of any other human activity, and it was a real treat to be totally remote for a whole twelve hours, away from electricity and the internets and cell phone reception, to recharge ourselves.

After a quick stop in Chapleau to pick up Mike’s motorcycle and the trailer, we headed on west down highway 101 toward Wawa.  On the way we stopped for a picnic on the round rocks beside the waterfalls at Potholes Provincial Park, about 50km outside of Wawa. It is the absolute perfect place for a picnic or a little swim on a really hot day! We even came across a newly-retired couple from Kentucky who were fishing off the rocks. We made sandwiches and refreshed our feet in the freezing creek while Mike enlightened us by reading the informative geological plaques very loudly over the sound of the falls.

The last 15 minutes of highway 101 on the way into Wawa were absolutely gorgeous — a pretty good indication we’re getting close to Lake Superior. Tight curves around rock cuts opening up on lovely lake vistas — Mike was having such a good time he didn’t even notice the bee in his coat until it stung him in the belly. (That is exaggeration. He totally did notice it). The sun was shining as we rounded the last corner by the sandy beach and headed to our chalet at the Wawa Motor Inn to wait for Roger Parsons from Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, who’ll be riding with us for a few days down the coast of Superior.

While we were waiting for Roger to hightail it up the coast from Sault Ste Marie on the last leg of his 14-hour ride up from Georgetown, we paid a visit to the emporium of all things useful, useless, bizarre and delicious in Wawa, Young’s General Store. Last year we were awestruck by the tantalizing Pickle Fudge, but were too chicken to try it. This year, Mike spoke with the inventor of this deliciousness and brought home both Pickle and Jalapeno fudges! (I stuck to my annual 1/2 pound of  Chocolate Skor and Pralines & Cream). Alexe bought a racoon tail and a wolf tail for $5 each. All in all, we had a pretty great time in there.

Tomorrow — cruising down the coast of highway 17 to the Sault Ste Marie, and enjoying all the sweet curves and hot sand of the gorgeous bays and beaches of Lake Superior provincial park.

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Photo by Alexandra Sawicki


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