I Wanted To Make A Video Of Us Leaving The City On Day 1,

I wanted to make a video of us leaving the city on day 1, but it was kinda dull and didn’t really convey the hell of driving on the 401 in the rain with transports everywhere, so I added a bit from places we’ve visited so far to happy it up! Enjoy!

Day 10 Blooper Reel

Day 10 blooper reel

Video Update Day 11.

MJ UNORT video update day 11. We were without internet last night and this morning, but here is the video update for TODAY. (pay no attention to the numerous references to day 10, it is actually day 11)

Teaser Of Some Of The Video We Shot On Highway 129 With The Canon HD Camera.


Teaser of some of the video we shot on Highway 129 with the Canon HD camera. Very short clip, more to come soon.

Manitoulin Eastern Side Ride

Manitoulin Eastern Side Ride

This Is A Ride We Took Just After Leaving Manitoulin

This is a ride we took just after leaving Manitoulin. Amazing backroad with a great view.

Zen and the Art

Zen and the Art

Don’t Know Why, This Seems Like A Great Road Song

Don’t know why, this seems like a great road song – introspection without paralysis. Isn’t this this ethos of the road trip? You can think about something profoundly for thirty seconds, and then move on…who doesn’t love that?

Some road trip music

Some road trip music

Graceland. Best Road Trip Album Of All Time? 

Graceland. Best road trip album of all time?