The Camera Records A GPS Path As You Ride, Right Into The Video Image! Watch the video On This Page For The Full Details. Might Have To Get One…

Contour GPS Cam

RV Camping Without Campgrounds?

Boondocking is parking your rig at an unserviced location, even roadside.  No plug-ins, no hook-ups, no services.  Why?  This article from Boondocking News suggests three reasons: reduced cost, solitude and convenience (just pull-over).  Not OUR plan, but it’s part of the appeal of a self-contained house-on-wheels.  Read the full article.

Photos From Our Trip Up Temagami Tower

Photos from our trip up Temagami Tower

Environment Canada Expects Warmer Summer

OK… so when you’re planning 40 days on the road in the summer, this is exactly the news you want to hear.  And, given that we Canadians are fresh from 37 (??) days of campaign promises, why not another one?  (Note the source story says “warmer”, but doesn’t mention precipitation…)

“At Hwy 503, Jog Left And Then Right Onto Hwy 507 At Gooderham. This Town Was Named In 1873 After The Founder Of The Gooderham And Worts Distillery Made A Large Donation To Build A Local Church, Although Local Legend Says It Was Named In Honour Of A Drunken Bash Resulting From The Donation Of Free Whisky To Local Hotels.”

Highway 507 – One of Ontario’s Best Riding Roads

The Temagami Fire Tower N 47 03.496W 79 47.756

The Temagami Fire Tower

N 47 03.496
W 79 47.756

Don’t know how many times I’ve driven past this. Don’t know why I CHOSE THE COLDEST DAY IN MEMORY TO CLIMB UP. Ah well, all part of the adventure.

Music is Mountain Song from the very excellent Evening Hymns.

Long Distance Trip On 2-Stroke Bikes!

Long Distance Trip on 2-stroke Bikes!

Spring Motorcycle Show Update


So thanks to everyone who came and visited us at the Ontario tourism booth this weekend. There were a ton of people out! Must have been the great weather.

Lots of people picked up our flyer on the trip, so this post is just to give a quick overview of this event, for those new to it.

The Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip is a 40 day road trip over 8000km. We’re riding every major road in northern Ontario (and a few others). We’re also stopping often, visiting cool things all over the province and taking the time to explore. 

We’re inviting riders to come along with us, for any part of the trip. You’ll see the itinerary below and we’ll be posting a very detailed one soon. This will lay out where we’re starting and finishing each day, as well as how to reach us on the road.

To be clear, we’re not paying for your gas, food or lodging – but we are telling you where you can sleep, eat and play – and you’re more than welcome to hang out with us after we’re done riding for the day.

Check back often, and don’t be shy! EMAIL US!



OK, so this is actually BC. And I don't really like the Indians.

My Name Is Michael Jacobs. I am the writer of this blog and the architect of the Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip. I’ve been writing about riding motorcycles in Northern Ontario for the last two years, and each year I’ve tried to turn the job into riding for the entire season, while reporting back about why there’s no place like the North. 

Well now I finally have. 

In the next couple weeks I’ll introduce you to the friends and well-wishers who’ll be joining me for different parts of this trip, but for now, if you want to know more about me, add me on Facebook! I’m a friendly guy and will talk to almost anyone (except a few girls I “dated”. You know who you are.) 

If you absolutely must know who I am right the moment, I am a 34 year old man, have three identical 1981 Yamaha XS400s and all three are flat black. I borrow my pop’s Honda ST1100 for the long distance stuff, and will probably buy something of my own before this season gets fully underway. 

And I’ve been riding for exactly one season. “How the hell is this guy qualified to write about motorcycle touring if he’s been riding for one season?” many people ask. Well, I’ll tell you two stories in the next couple of days. One is about a six month road trip to the US of A, and the other is about the first motorcycle I owned when I was 16. 

But you’ll have to come back to read about those.