Sweet Peeks of the Week #9 Farewell!

From July 27th to July 31th 2012

Photos by Alexandra Sawicki

Farewell friends and followers. Hopefully we will all meet again for another fun ride!

Sweet Peeks of the Weeks #5

From June 29th to July 5th 2012

For more information on motorcycle routes, accommodations, attractions and restaurants in Algoma Country check out www.RideAlgoma.ca

Photos by Alexandra Sawicki

Well now we’ve done it.

The UNORT Season 1 Team

Major things afoot for UNORT Season 2 (that’s the Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip for the uninitiated.) Last year we hit the road for forty consecutive days to report back on all the crazy, magical, wonderful things to see and do in the pristine wilds of Northern Ontario. And the response was incredible. So we’re doing it again, but this time for sixty consecutive days.

Over the last week we’ve put together the first rough draft of our itinerary and it looks amazing. Like, the best time ever times two. Amongst the highlights of this years trip will be the riding routes of Northeastern Ontario. We’re hoping that some of our colleagues from Motorcycle Mojo and Cycle Canada will be joining up with us on the trip, but more on that later…

And we’ve decided on our compliment of vehicles. I’ve just committed to purchase a 1979 4×4 Chevy 3/4 ton truck in a perfect dull red, soon to be emblazoned with the official UNORT logo. The truck will tow our basecamp/tent trailer, so that we can stay in constant contact with nature, as well as (hopefully) house a dual sport bike of some sort in the bed of the truck. And my trusty 1977 Yamaha XS 750 Triple will be with us again – this year the entire crew has their license, so this will be the bike that everyone cuts their road trip teeth on. And finally, I’ve decided to jump in and buy a new bike. But more on my choice later…

Perhaps most importantly we’ve solidified our crew. My pop went and got a real job, but he will be joining us for a week or so in July, likely on his trusty ST1110. Who knows, maybe he’ll even convince my mom to come along for a spell.

Our photographer from Season 1, Alexe Sawicki, is back for the duration, and I’m super stoked to have her on the crew again. You can check her photos from our first expedition here.

Jessie Stones, driver for a couple weeks on our first trip, is back but this time as our official writer – she’ll be collecting our impressions of the roads, landscapes and people and funelling them into a weekly piece.

Bogdan Stoica, a good friend and colleague from my days in film is joining us as our official cinematographer. Along with our daily video updates, he’ll also be helping us compile footage to share the incredible roads of Northern Ontario with the riding public. And don’t be surprised if we throw a couple extra videos together to compliment our weekly recaps.

Last but not least, Grass Hut Media has taken on the project of redoing our site, top to bottom, in an all new forma that should make checking out our daily and weekly updates all the more satisfying.

So check back often – over the next six weeks we’ll be updating our faithful followers on a regular basis on where we’re going and when, as well as counting down to the start of the trip with some of the photos, videos and articles from the first season.

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