Day 12 – Living it up…

There's something mesmerizing about the colour of the water in the Killarney Channel. The sun catches the current in … View Post

Day 11 – At the end of the road


"There's no place to go but the enddddd." - Mike Jacobs, soothsayer (I think I will start every snapshot from now on … View Post

Day 10 – Gas, sweat, and tears


  So... when your truck has absolutely no instruments that work in its dashboard, and you're towing a lot of … View Post

Day 9 – Friends, food, and exercise!


As Mike went to bed tonight he said, "I can't believe everything that happened today happened in one day!" The longer … View Post

Day 8 – Smelling the roses

lilac motorcycle

Alexe ran out of gas today on the home stretch into New Liskeard, and it was the most glorious moment. Standing still, … View Post

Day 7 – Cold chilling


Today was our first of six "office days," where we hole up in some ridiculously beautiful place and work really hard on … View Post

Day 6 – Packing mishaps & shelter from the storm


We're having just as much fun in our campsites as we are out exploring on the road. And when you carry your home with … View Post

Day 5 – It’s starting to feel like a road trip


It was a day of pure road trip: sunshine on the rolling blacktop, endless hills and valleys stretching out in front of … View Post

Day 4 – Fudge, coffee, and milkshakes…

Bikes at the Mustang Drive-In, Picton, Prince Edward County

We stayed up real late last night, all four of us crammed in the cab of the pick-up truck (also known as Willie Nelson) … View Post

Day 3 – Concours, Cheese, Skyway Bridge, Drive-In

The Whittakers Take the Race

After an inauspicious start to the day where we missed the CVMG Concours entirely, we managed to catch the sidecar race … View Post

Day 2 – Turtles, Vintage Bikes, Out of Gas

turtle tries to bite his saviour

After the kind of soul-crushing wind and rain we battled yesterday, nothing could beat cruising winding country roads … View Post

Day 1 – The Adventure Begins

crazy toronto traffic!

After battling failing trailer lights, stalled motorcycles (yes we ran out of gas) endless packing and increasingly … View Post