And Then There Were none.

Today was pretty nutso. Jessie will fill you in on the breadth and scope of our day but there is one event that I felt compelled to break out of my traditional “in front of the camera” role. The death of Willie Nelson, our 1979 Chevrolet 3/4 ton full-time 4X4 boss-hoss of a full-size old-school pickup. By all accounts we’ve put 12,000km on this rugged beast since I first picked it up from a farm in Hawkesbury, Ontario just over two months ago.

Things started to get weird just after we left the Taylor Made Bed and Breakfast and filled up for gas at the UPI. The truck simply would not shift and stay in third gear (it’s top gear) and when we got to even modest hills it would sputter, cough and backfire. We had to think fast and, with five hours of travel in front of us on an otherwise already long day, we decided to try to make it back to Toronto to switch cars, drop off the trailer and just spend the money we saved in gas (Willie has a bit of a drinking problem – 5mpg or so) on hotel rooms – we only had two more days of camping left anyhow.

Anyway that’s the story. Now we’ve had to decommission every vehicle that left Toronto those seven weeks ago. The 1977 Yamaha. The GS had to go back to Toronto for it’s 10,000km service to make sure I don’t void my warranty. And now the truck, and by default, the trailer. And while the battle scars of 8 weeks on the road have certainly left their mark on us, we keep moving, with new vehicles to keep us marching toward the only place we can go – the end.


  1. She’s not dead. She just needed a little lie-down.

  2. She’s a zombie.

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