Mike’s Ride Report – Highway 11 from Nipigon to Longlac

In the amalgamated municipality known as Greenstone, the citizens have some of Northern Ontario’s most epic scenery as their backyard. Aside from the massive Lake Nipigon,known by some as the sixth great lake, and accessible only through the municipality, there is also the epic Pijitawabik Pallisades, a billion and a half year old series of cliffs formed by glacial action, which frames the twisty road through this far northern area. Riders looking for the awe inspiring scenery will get their fill here.

Highway 11 from Nipigon to Longlac – Ride Report

  • Rideability: High – The roads have plenty of curves and long descents and rises. Nothing terribly technical but you won’t fall asleep.
  • Road Quality: Very high – These roads are great pavement, and in some places it’s as fresh as fresh can be. No worries about road snakes, bumps, humps, or holes.
  • Scenic Value: Extremely high – Billion year old cliffs. Need I say more? They are EVERYWHERE. Not a dull corner.
  • Services: Good – There’s gas, accomodations and food all along the way. Chill in Geraldton is great, but always busy. Motels tend toward the economy aesthetic, but are all clean. And gas is plentyful on this stretch. It’s after Longlac that you might need to think twice.

Overall: This is such a great ride, even though it’s far from just about everything. Even if you have to drive for two days to get here, you’ll never forget it.

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