EPISODE SIX – The Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Show

This week was all about the communion with nature. We spent more time outdoors in the unfiltered bosom of the wilderness this week than at any part on the trip so far. From the Bushplane Museum and the Ride for Sight Charity Event in Sault Ste. Marie, we rode with Dustin Woods, who’s writing a piece for Inside Motorcycles, up the North Shore of Lake Superior, taking in the breathtaking beaches framed by epic mountains at every turn. A ride in a bushplane courtesy White River Air exposed the landscape behind the highway to us. And it made us feel all sorts of things we hadn’t felt before.

At the Slate Islands, we cruised around the hidden inlets and coves courtesy Blue Bird Charters, searching for the wild caribou herd that inhabits these island, but we found so much more. Of course all of this natural goodness took it’s toll and by weeks end Mike was frothing for some adventure. And he found it at Eagle Canyon, home of Canada’s Longest Zipline.

Next week we venture into unknown territory and take a ride on the wild side in Sunset Country. Muskie fishing! Lake of the Woods! Mounds! (you’ll find out more about that one later) and the voyage to the most distant paved road in Ontario – PICKLE LAKE. Join us!

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  1. Great episode! Loved the zipline experience!

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