Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Show – EPISODE ONE

This week we launch a new feature of the Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip. As part of our mission to bring you a true representation of life on the road in Northern Ontario, we present Episode One of our weekly updates. This video goes a step above our live-from-the-road reports. Taking the best of our experiences over the week, we’ve created an 18 minute showcase of the best of our experiences. So what are you waiting for? Click play, make it full screen (after all we did shoot it in HD) and enjoy a taste of life on the road, courtesy the Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Show!


  1. Fantastic!

  2. love it!

  3. Dean Dubois says:

    Welcome to gods country! Great video and enjoy the sites and hospitality.

  4. Great video, guys! I was going to ask what kind of range you’re getting on the Yamaha (which doesn’t seem to be getting near enough riding time or profile!) and then noticed 2 gas cans in the back of the pickup truck. I guess that helps with range… 😉

    • Thanks! We get about 200km to a tank, but it recently bit it because of gas in the oil! Hope it’s OK! Gonna try and work on it tomorrow.

  5. Love it! Great job as always Mike (and your team :) Glad to hear your best glass of lemonade came from the Ottawa Valley! Sorry I missed you while you were riding through. Looking forward to the next episodes. Happy travels!

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