One Week Down – Five More To Go!

Holy cow. It’s already been a week or riding and RVing for our crew. I just had time to sit down and look at a map for the first time since we left, and I’m a bit amazed at how far we are from home, yet how we seem to find the comforts of home almost everywhere we go.

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We ran through Grey-Bruce and experienced it’s hospitality and great riding roads. We sped across Manitoulin, met dozens of friendly riders and left with high spirits. We rode with 300 other riders in the Ride for Dad parade in North Bay. I got to ride not one, but two amazing Harley’s at The Shop in Subury today. A life-changing experience to say they least.

And now we’re just outside Elliot Lake, preparing to do two of the most beloved motorcycle roads in the province tomorrow; the Deer Circle tour and Highway 129. And then it’s on to the North Shore of Lake Superior, a route that nearly every rider we’ve met can’t stop talking about. And there’s another 20 days to go after that.

Somehow everything is falling into place, despite having tons of work to do each night (this blog doesn’t pay the bills you know) and everytime we hit a snag, something either comes along and quickly solves our problem, or we just accept it and move on. It’s been pretty peaceful, through and through. I had a big pang of missing my friends the other day – not the traffic, or the hustle, or the endless pressure and stress, but the people in my life everyday, even those I don’t see as much as I’d like to.

But sitting around the campfire this evening, I’ve started to feel something else. The pull of the “next” that life on the road seems to create.

Now I’m not sure I’m going to want to go home at the end. Who’s up for the Ultimate Southern Ontario Road trip, eh? Starting July 23rd?