Day 44 Video – Sail Superior

We went on a harbour cruise with Capt. Greg Heroux of charters. Such a beautiful way to experience the majesty of Lake Superior.

Day 44 Video – Eastern Standard Time

Ontario is so big it has two times zones. What other province or state can claim that!? I think not…

Day 43 Video – Dry River Bed

Another incredible sight on the highway to Pickle Lake, Ontario’s most Northerly paved road.

Day 42 Video – Sturgeon River Rapids

Some pristine examples of Northern goodness on Highway 599 to Pickle Lake!

Day 42 Video – This is Ignace

We stopped in to the Silver Tops seniors centre to have a blueberry pancake breakfast with the community. Fun times!

Day 41 Video – Beautiful Day on the Highway

I rode back to Kenora alone, with the rest of the group riding ahead. I stopped just as the sun was starting to go down.

Day 40 Video – Muskie Fishing

We went for a fish on Lake of the Woods! And we almost caught a muskie.

Day 39 Video – Goin’ to Manitoba

We drove all the way over to Manitoba. And that was that.

Day 38 Video – Fort Frances

We were in Fort Frances! Then we weren’t.

Day 37 Video – The Arctic Watershed, Northwest Ontario

We stopped to visit the Arctic Watershed sign on Highway 11 in Northwestern Ontario.