Day 52 Video – Lake Huron

Ride Manitoulin is over, but the fun never ends! Check out this thing we did!

Day 51 Video – Ride Manitoulin Begins

At 10am there were tons of bikes already out! We did the poker run, just to see what these types of events are all about, and we had a blast!

EPISODE EIGHT – The Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Show!

This weeks episode begins with a delightful blueberry pancake breakfast prepared by the Silver Tops Club in the incredible community of Ignace, Ontario (slogan: You Otter Be In Ignace!) We’ve received all kinds of welcomes and been on all kinds of adventures, but the sense of community in this town make us all feel right at home.

We’d passed the half-way mark of the trip and were now heading in the general direction of home, except for one massive detour up Ontario’s most northerly road – Highway 599 to Pickle Lake. We found no Pickles, but we did get even further north than when we were in Moosonee! That’s pretty far.

We finally got to take our sail with Capt. Greg Heroux of Yacht Charters and it was a perfect afternoon for it. He even flew the beautifully coloured spinnaker for us, lighting up the whole bay with it’s vibrancy. And last but not least, we visited the municipality of Greenstone, where we took in an exhausting but rewarding hike up the Pijitawabik Palisades, camped on the shores of the massive Lake Nipigon, had breakfast in Beardmore, and visited the Geraldton Fire Management Headquarters and ReconAir – the gents responsible for fixing the float plane we flew in a few weeks ago with White River Air.

Next week: Ride Manitoulin! The Bruce Peninsula! North Bay! Mattawa Voyageur Days! Huzzah!

Day 50 Video – Sunset Swimming

We went swimming late at night at the Mindemoya Court Cottages and Campground! So beautiful.

Ride Manitoulin – Tomorrow!

We spent the day with Steven Fox-Radulovich and Colin Wilson on a quick adventure tour of the island in between their preparations for the Ride Manitoulin event.

The vibe here makes it seem like this year’s event is gonna be bigger and better than last year, and the adventure ride that Steven has planned looks like it will take riders to some incredibly scenic backroads, without being too challenging.

Day 49 – Manitoulin Chocolate Factory

The Manitoulin Chocolate Works is a magical land, of candies dreams and jelly-drop wonder.

Day 49 Video – Welcome to Manitoulin!

We’ve arrived on the blessed isle of Manitou, getting ready to cover the Ride Manitoulin motorcycle event – if this is anything like last year, it should be a blast with a capital BLAST! I might even indulge in my first ever poker run!

Day 47 Video – Hearst

Pay no attention to the title card! This is actually Hearst – we just got really tired after the road between Longlac and Hearst.

Day 45 Video – Lake Helen Ride

Just a tease of how great this ride is. Long live Greenstone.

Day 45 Video – Pijitiwabik Pallisades

Incredible views from the top of these massive glacial cliffs in Greenstone.